Children's Cushion Covers

The children’s cushion covers are amazing for themed kids rooms. They instantly change the look of a room or a bed. Children’s throw pillows are so cute and nice for tired small heads and soft against your child’s cheek. They create interest and child like decor. Furthermore, there are so many different children’s cushions to choose from: Princess cushions, Ballerinas cushions, cute animal cushions,  unicorn cushions, Sequins cushions and floral cushions. And, we haven’t forgotten the boys rooms. We love dinosaur cushions, car cushions, nautical cushions, emoji cushions and space cushions. Children will adore seeing there own interests on their very own cushion on their bed.

It’s clear, with some extra decorative cushions on the bed, sofa or in a cozy corner, the child’s room feels more cozy. Take a look at our furry children’s cushion covers for that extra cosy factor. We have fluffy cushions in every conceivable colour to match every home decor. We also have larger cushion covers for th kids bedroom floor.

Our online cushion store also has a range of children’s cushion covers for older children and teenagers. We have super car, pop art and tropical themed cushions.

There are so many cushion styles to choose from. If you are welcoming a new baby in and decorating the nursery, Take a look at the nursery inspired collection. You will find some very cute cartoon animals in pale pinks and blues. Lots to choose from.

All in all, our extensive range offers a wide choice in decorative pillows for kids bedrooms.

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Showing 1–16 of 81 results