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Cushion Style

Bring Your Sofa to life

A room, a living room, a sofa can all be changed with a few well chosen cushions covers. So simple and cheap to replace simply swap out an old cushion style for a brand spanking new look. Cushions can add personality and inject new life into your sofa. Take a look at this super simple guide to set your sofa on a new look and feel!

Cushions for sofas

Golden Cushion


  1. Work out your colour palette.
  2. Decide on how many your sofa can fit.
  3. Choose a good mix of size and shape.
  4. Bring in different textures and material.
  5. Play around with the arrangement.
Beige fluffy cushions
Contrasting cushions
Salmon pink cushions
Bold colours for cushions

When choosing new cushion covers for your sofa, remember this..draw on existing accent Already present in your living room. That maybe a picture, a vase, a rug or the wall colours.  This is a great place to get inspiration and pull a decor look together.

So! Let’s think about how many cushions. When deciding on the number of cushions, think about at least 4 and mix up the sizes, 50 x50 cm, 45 x45cm and 30 x50 cm. This is going to give you a big impact and a luxurious look. 

Great Cushion Covers


Great Cushion Covers // owner


I believe that every design is personal. We wanted to provide the widest choice of cushion designs possible. We have every size of cushion and every style. We love the idea of swapping out old cushion covers, it’s a lot less wasteful to keep the cushion just makes sense!

Grey sofa with cushions

Bold Sequin Cushion Covers

Bedroom cushion covers

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